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Iv tried loads of shampoos but the only one that works is Loreal elvive anti dandruff intensive shampoo. It has to be the orange shampoo, I bought one in Tesco a few weeks ago and didnt look properly and when I got home it was a green shampoo inside but it didnt work as well as the orange one.

Hope this helps xx Thanks Ladies for taking the time to reply.

Hope you find something that works soon, I know it drives you insane lol.

Hth x Hi I get this and it drives me round the bend!

I then changed dr's and she was happy to give me a repeat but advised that i just try different ones till I find one that suits. Within literally days my scalp is no longer itchy and my hair is now in lovely condition (using all the medicated shampoos had made it horrible and dry) it does take some getting used to,you have to use the shampoo twice each time u wash it and leave the conditioner on otherwise it makes the hair greasy!!

Well I've tried loads and some are better than other but none offer 100% relief. It is a little expensive (think its about 8 for both) but they do it bogof occasionally..paying full price it's def worth it!!

We have been swingers off and on for about 5 years. It seems that from the start of our relationship we had desires for sharing each other with other people. Cheaters, yeah they exsist: but this is how it works in our world.

But here is the real issue: its not the cheating...

after a couple of drinks on holiday , i suggested to my wife of 20 years we go to a nudist beach in spain.

I had met her in high school where she was two years...

Me and my man have been in the lifestyle a bit now. We went to meet a couple for the first time and had decided to not do much. We are very confident in our relationship, as we have been through it all and over come everything together.

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